From the first session with Fatima in April it was clear she is an expert, and passionate about what she does. She is a great coach, always helping me improve my technique, and has helped me improve my cardio which she knows I hated working on but she made it a point if I wanted to be overall healthy my cardio needed to be priority.

She has tailored a program to help me achieve my goals. The sessions vary and mentally challenging on top of the physical aspect. She always pushes me to achieve more and she gets excited when I see my improvements. 

I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m feeling fitter and stronger every week and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the following months . 






I have been able to progress closer to my goals. I am working out more consistently and getting stronger everyday. While the scale hasn’t moved much, I can tell the difference between how my clothes fit, I how much better I sleep, and how much more energy I have throughout the day. ~Jenn




The accomplishments include stronger core, longer endurance, stronger upper body strength. Anddd i look great! ~Ally

Please continue to focus on correcting form, telling us what should be activated during which exercise, random motivation, sending helpful articles, and helping with stability even though I hate it. ~Kee



If you’re interested in training with me whether that is in person or online, please go ahead and put in your contact information. Also, add in why you’re looking for a personal trainer, your goals, and location. Looking forward to talking with you!