About Me

Hi Babes! My name is Fatima, I’m a personal trainer in the heart of DC and also an online trainer.

My story: I became deep into fitness after my first break up in 2016. You know how that goes…..a heartbreak, follows feeling down/depression, which then follows diving into something you love and for me that was fitness. And the rest is history.

I originally started my fitness journey to improve my self esteem and build my confidence. As I started to fall in love with how it made me feel and how confident I felt in my own skin, I wanted that same feeling for other females.

My undergrad was in Kinesiology and Exercise Science which played a significant part into me gravitating to the fitness field.

It wasn't until 2 years into my journey, that I began to train others. Now, 5 years in the fitness field I am producing gym equipment that fits more of my style, aesthetically pleasing, however still being functional to completing a workout or I should say “therapy”.

Currently I focus on women-only training whether that’s 1-1, partner, small semi private classes, or bigger classes I look to expand my love for fitness to females to provide a healthier lifestyle while all trying to gain confidence within themselves in and outside of the gym.


“If you look good, you feel good, eventually you do good”